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Long Duration BallooningSPB in flight

  • Antarctic LDB program was proposed after the challenger accident to help offset loss of Shuttle/Spacelab.
  • FY89 NASA budget was augmented for ops and science payloads.
  • NASA/SS & NSF/OPP signed open-ended MOU in 1988.
    • "One campaign about every other year" - but has averaged ~2 flights/year.
  • NASA/SZ & NSF/OPP 2003 MOA extending to March 2009
    • 1-2 Flights per Year, with Possibility of adding a 3rd Flight.
    • NASA, with NSF, has upgraded the lDB facilities at Williams Field in 2006.
    • NASA, with NSF, will upgrade LDB facilities at Williams Field.
    • NASA would pay incremental costs for adding a third flight each season.

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