Wallops RMMO Personnel

Steven Kremer

Chief, Range and Mission Management Office
Email: Steven.Kremer@nasa.gov

Mr. Kremer serves as Chief for the Range and Mission Management Office (RMMO). Mr. Kremer came to the RMMO in May 2002 from the Networks Integration Management Office, Code 450.1 and served as the RMMO Deputy Chief from May 2004 to June 2013. Mr. Kremer provides oversight and planning for range projects management and develops strategic partnerships benefiting the Wallops Research Range. Mr. Kremer is also responsible for planning and implementing the Range Technology Roadmap. In this role he provides leadership to AETD engineers s upporting range technology development initiatives. Additionally, Mr. Kremer serves as technical lead on the Range Operations Contract (ROC) and oversees these contract services and also serves as the Program Manager for the Research Range Services Program, the Science Mission Directorate organization that manages Wallops launch range instrumentation services.

Robert Jameson

Deputy Chief, Range and Mission Management Office

Mr. Jameson assists Mr. Kremer with managing the Research Range Services Program. He became Deputy Chief for RMMO in December 2013, moving from the WFF Range Operations Contract, where he served as a Project Manager and Chief of Engineering from 2010-13, leading the buildup of range instrumentation and infrastructure for development of Wallops to operate the Antares/Cygnus missions to resupply the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services missions. Mr. Jameson retired from the Air Force in 2010 following a career that culminated as the Chief of Launch and Range Requirements at Air Force Space Command. He has extensive experience in missile operations and space launch, leading the range for several missions from Vandenberg AFB, including Delta II, Delta IV, Minuteman III, Pegasus and Missile Defense Agency interceptors. During this time he was awarded an appointment to the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he obtained his master’s degree in Space Systems Engineering as a Distinguished Graduate.

Chico Ayers

Email: Chico.m.Ayers@nasa.gov

Barton Bull

Chief Engineer
Email: James.B.Bull@nasa.gov

Mr. Bull is the Chief Engineer for the WFF Research Range and serves as Independent Technical Authority.  He is responsible for oversight of engineering upgrades and new instrumentation.  He conducts reviews of System Safety and Range Readiness and provides technical counsel to management during launches.  He also manages the Advanced Range Technology Initiatives efforts.

Sarah Daugherty

Test Director
Email: Sarah.C.Daugherty@nasa.gov

Mrs. Daugherty serves as Test Director for the WFF Research Range. In this role, she is responsible for all range operations and launch activities. She also serves as the Range interface to FAA, NORAD, VACAPES, and other relevant organizations and on various Directorate-level planning teams and committees.

John Dickerson

Test Director
Email: John.A.Dickerson@nasa.gov

Mr. Dickerson serves as Test Director for the WFF Research Range.  In this role he is responsible for all range operations and launch activities.  He also serves as the Range interface to FAA, NORAD, VACAPES, and other relevant organizations and on various Directorate-level planning teams and committees.

Larry Duffy

Email: Larry.E.Duffy@nasa.gov

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Email: Larry.E.Duffy@nasa.gov

Alfred Fordan

Email: Alfred.E.Fordan@nasa.gov

Karen Horsman

Business Support Specialist
Email: Karen.L.Horsman@nasa.gov

Ms. Horsman serves as a Business Support Specialist for all of Code 840.  She provides detailed financial and project-focused administrative support to RMMO's project managers and management.  Ms. Horsman came to RMMO from Code 801 where she served as a Resources Analyst.

Rob Hurley

RMMO Business Manager
Email: Robert.K.Hurley@nasa.gov

Mr. Hurley is the Research Range Services Manager at Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Flight Facility.  He ensures reliable ground instrumentation services for NASA, Department of Defense, and commercial launch and flight projects at the Wallops Research Range and other locations worldwide.  In 2007, Mr. Hurley organized a sub-chapter of the Project Management Institute at NASA Wallops and continues to act as the sub-chapter's leader.

Barbara Justis

Email: Barbara.J.Justis@nasa.gov

Ms. Justis primarily provides project management for manned and unmanned aircraft projects. She is the Chair of the UAV Working Group and also serves as the Secure Program Manager for Code 800. Ms. Justis has project management experience with educational, commercial, and international payloads on platforms to include the Shuttle, ISS, small balloons, sounding rockets and manned aircraft.

Judy Reasonover

Email: Judith.G.Reasonover@nasa.gov

Mrs. Reasonover is the Property Custodian for Code 840 and as such is responsible for over 3,000 pieces of equipment used to support the range’s activities.

Jeff Reddish

Email: Jeffrey.A.Reddish@nasa.gov

Mr. Reddish serves as the Project Manager of the Taurus II COTS Mission to the International Space Station.  He has provided project manager support for many programs at Wallops, including the Multiple Payload Adaptor Project and the Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (CREAM) balloon project.

Justin Revell

Email: Justin.P.Revell@nasa.gov

Alice Rew

Email: Alice.D.Rew@nasa.gov

Ms. Rew provides Project Management support predominantly for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) projects.  Her current missions include a series of Aerosonde Missions which are conducting UAV technology demonstrations as well as Earth Science studies.  Ms. Rew also supports Water Ingestion events and student sounding rocket missions from the WFF Research Range.

Edward Sudendorf

Email: Edward.w.Sudendorf@nasa.gov

Linda Thompson

Email: Linda.D.Thompson@nasa.gov

Peter Turlington

RMMO Ground Operations Manager
Email: Peter.N.Turlington@nasa.gov

John Valliant

Email: John.Valliant-1@nasa.gov

Mr. Valliant provides Project Manager for suborbital launcher facilities and sounding rocket campaigns onthe Wallops Range. He also supports domestic and international aircraft science missions on the P-3B Orion Science Research aircraft platform.  The P-3B missions that he manages support cryospheric (arctic ice) mapping and dynamics.  His current assignments include the Sounding Rocket testing of a new Improved Malemute motor and the Mesospheric Sounding Rocket Development program. 

Jack Vieira

Email: Gerald.J.Vieira@nasa.gov

Mr. Vieira provides Project Management support for local and remote sounding rocket campaigns as well as for orbital missions launched from WFF Research Range or other locations.  His current assignments include the NESC MLAS CM Drop Test and two Minotaur IV launches out of the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska.  He also serves as Alternate Test Director and provides internal oversight of all Sounding Rocket support.

Doug Voss

Email: Douglas.G.Voss@nasa.gov

Mr. Voss has been a Project Manager with RMMO since 2002 when he came from the WFF Flight Safety Group where he worked as a Flight Safety Analyst and Flight Safety Officer for 4 years. Prior to coming to NASA, he worked for almost 10 years as a Test & Evaluation Engineer for the Navy's Dahlgren Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Detachment at Wallops Island. He has provided Range Project Management for Navy target operations, UAV's, NASA and DoD sounding rocket missions and range technology development projects. In 2008, he led Wallops' support for a highly successful and complex Sounding Rocket experiment for the Missile Defense Agency which included Wallops' development of a high data rate telemetry link transmitting an unprecedented error-free 200 Megabits per second of data to the ground station during the suborbital flight. He currently serves as the WFF Project Manager for LADEE Launch Vehicle Services. LADEE is an NASA SMD mission launching a NASA Ames spacecraft to lunar orbit to study lunar atmosphere and dust. The mission is launching from a Minotaur V from Wallops Research Range.

Ron Walsh

Email: Ronald.H.Walsh@nasa.gov

Mr. Walsh has more than 20 years of aerospace project management experience at NASA, IBM, and Lockheed Martin. Prior to becoming a project manager, Mr. Walsh had 21 years of systems engineering and marketing experience in the private sector. After joining Code 840 in December 2003, he has managed a number of Wallops Range launch projects that include: the first orbital launch in more than 20 years from Wallops (Minotaur/TacSat-2) in Dececember 2006; the launch of ATK's HSA suborbital rocket in August 2008; the launch of Minotaur/ORS-1 in June 2011; and various NASA sounding rocket launches from Wallops. Mr. Walsh has an electrical engineering degree and a MBA. In May 2009, Mr. Walsh obtained Project Management Certification from the NASA Chief Engineer at NASA Headquarters. Mr. Walsh is currently managing the Wallops support for the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) mission that flies NASA Global Hawk UAS aircraft to study Atlantic Ocean hurricanes from 2012 through 2014.

Dan Whealton

Email: Daniel.Whealton@nasa.gov

Dan joined NASA in 2013 as a Project Support Manager for the Range and Mission Management Office. Dan is a retired U.S. Army Officer and Aviator and has had the opportunity to serve as an Aviation Advisor to the U.S. State Department’s Air Wing in Afghanistan. Dan has supported missions such as LADEE, which launched a satellite to the moon, as well as the Commercial Resupply Services program, which provided much needed supplies to the ISS. Dan is currently the Range Operations Contract Contracting Officer Representative.

Dave Wilcox

Email: David.A.Wilcox@nasa.gov