Code 810: Sounding Rocket Program Office

Code 810: Sounding Rockets Program Office

Code 810: Sounding Rockets Program Office


Erdman payload at Wallops41.086 UE Terrier-Improved Orion was launched from White Sands Missile Range on December 17, 2009. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Peter Erdman/Embry-Riddle University

The mission objectives for 41.086 Erdman are to collect radiated emissions from the Hydroxyl (OH) in the Meinel Airglow region from 50-90 km altitudes. The payload consists of an instrument of with an array of ten optical tubes (photometers) aligned parallel to the thrust axis.

The increased number of observations made of polar mesospheric clouds at high latitude, and observations of noctilucent clouds at mid latitudes, have raised the scientific importance of understanding this mesospheric region. Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) was recently launched to study it more in depth. HAROH directly supports AIM’s fundamental goal and will also aid in better understanding groundbased mesospheric temperature measurements that will be compared with those obtained from AIM.



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