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Code 801: Resource Management Office

The Resource Management Office provides overall management guidance and supervision for resources for the Directorate. It develops and executes Directorate resources policies, plans, and procedures. It develops and coordinates resources budgeting requirements. It manages the allocations and review of resources, budget, manpower, and space. It develops and manages budget operating plans. It develops an accountability/productivity system for tracking and monitoring of Directorate and project-related work. It directs the business management activities carried out in the areas of financial analysis, pricing, scheduling, procurement, and general business. The RMO coordinates with appropriate functional managers to ensure compliance with policies and regulations, applications of new techniques, and effective utilization of resources.

Point of Contact Phone
Hope Garrison, Chief 757.824.1116
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Curator: Brandon Wright
Responsible NASA Official: Keith A. Koehler
Last Updated: March 13, 2009